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The Watchers

There are angels that are referred to as ‘Watchers’, who were placed 'in chains' by God to act as sentinels, here on earth and these 'Watchers' are waiting to be called upon to assist with the destruction of the wicked. When you read the book, you will also understand what the word 'chains' is really in reference to. The word ‘Su’ in ‘Sukon’ (Fig Tree), in reference to these angels, also means ‘red’ and is a reference to the same dust we are told about in Genesis 2, which is also referred to as ‘spice’ in the Sumerian language. (See also the movies ‘Dune’ and 'The Golden Compass'.) These are those whose role is to take back the birthright that was stolen by Jacob (See Genesis 27 & 28), when he, with the help of his mother, Rebekkah, ‘posed’ as them, (Esau), whose name also means ‘red’. 

These are the true angels, who, like Esau, will take back the inheritance that has been temporarily stolen by those masquerading as ‘him’. The name of those masqueraders in the Sumerian language is 'gu', which is literally pronounced 'god' in that language. These 'gu' are the same ones the Mandaic language (a sister language of Aramaic) states will rule ‘as’ god, which is because of their theft of the birthright. We would pronounce their name 'gu' in the English as 'jew', known as Israel, today; and we can further confirm their true identity when we realize that Jacob, the deceptive brother who stole the birthright, according to the Bible, changed his name to...Israel. But make no mistake, they are not one-and-the-same as the true Creator and their time is short. (These are the ones Esu (Jesus) tells us 'say they are Ioudaios (Jews) but are actually of the 'Synagogue of Satan', meaning 'temple' or 'physical body' of Saturn, just as Solomon's 'temple' was laid out in the shape of a human being. These are the ones who are represented today by the symbol of Saturn, the six-pointed star called 'Remphan' in the Greek and 'Kayun' in the Hebrew. That six-pointed star represents the hexagon on the North pole of Saturn, and is the same color as the atmosphere of that planet. This is the reason Esu stated they are of the 'Synagogue of Satan'. The word 'Saturn' is just another way of saying 'Satan', as we can see, for instance, from the old Gaelic language when they pronounced Satan as 'Satarn'. They are one-and-the-same.)

 Hexagon on the North Pole of the Planet Saturn
Pictured Here Is The Hexagon That Is On The North Pole Of
The Planet Saturn

The Bible tells us that YHWH placed a Cherubim with a flaming sword that turned every way, East of Eden, to guard the way of the Tree of Life. The Bible also refers to at least two different mountains that I've discovered are actually one-and-the-same. These mountains and their important connection to the prophecy of the Fig Tree, has been intentionally hidden by the Scribes and Freemasons with the use of 'ciphers', such as the 'Atbash' and 'Albam' ciphers, that are used throughout their writing of the Bible. (Yes, the Freemasons had a significant hand in the writing of the Bible and no...Dr. McQuate is not a Freemason and never has been.) We can use this knowledge, combined with the proper Sumerian logograms, to find incredible clues leading us to a proper understanding of the prophecy of the parable of the Fig Tree... just as 'Jesus' intended for us to do. If you want to know the truth and how to properly uncover ancient hidden clues yourself, by using the ancient Cuneiform language, unknown to Scholars and Theologians, download the book now and learn what's been hidden from the world for thousands of years.

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The Parable Of The Fig Tree Explained By Dr. Scott McQuate

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The Parable Of The Fig Tree Explained By Dr. Scott McQuate

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