The Parable of The
Fig Tree Explained...

                                                                     ...As It Was Intended To Be

Dr. Scott D. McQuate                                                                                                                                                                                           

The Meaning

We've been talking about a 'fruit tree', 'figs' and 'leaves', so let's get 'botanical' for a moment to see what we can glean by adding a little common sense to this prophecy.

Before a tree puts forth 'fruit', it always puts forth 'leaves'. The primary objective of the leaves is 'photosynthesis'. This involves 'gathering' the necessary elements such as sunlight, water, oxygen etc., that will enable the tree to put forth fruit. So after the necessary information has been gathered...then the fruit can be put forth. In this case, the fruit we are talking about is the 'fig', and there is something else that is very important to know about these 'figs', as you will soon see.

The ‘Chariots’ are the Spheres (Orbs) or Leaves of the 'Fig Tree', which is the Planet Niburu or Nibiru, and are of the watchers (good angels) that are gathering the information. When we begin to see them appearing in abundance in the skies, (and under the water and coming out of the water – which is also being reported) then the time of the end is near, and the reaping will begin. But what, exactly will do the reaping or shearing? If you're guessing that it might be the 'figs', themselves, then you are exactly correct.

In the Sumerian language, an 's' with a tilde (~) over it is pronounced 'sh' and the word for fig is pish ('pis' with a ~ over the 's'). If we undo what the builders or Freemasons have done with the language, and turn the word back around, we get the word ship (See Isaiah 29:15 and 16). These are what we would refer to as space ships and have been put in front of us via modern cinema for decades in scores of movies like War of the Worlds or the more recent Skyline. The Sumerian word fig, however, is also pesh ('pes' with a ~ over the 's'). If we treat this word in like manner, and reverse it, as is common in the secret societies based on Hermeticism, we also get the word...sheep; a word commonly used all throughout the Bible to refer to people. (See Gen. 31:19, Deut. 28:4, I Sam. 16:9, Matt. 25:33, Mark 6:34, Mark 14:27 etc.) There is a play on  words here with 'pis' and 'pes' (as we see all through the ancient texts), telling us simply that there will be 'harvesters' or 'reapers' (ships) and what, exactly they will be 'harvesting' or 'reaping'. (figs or sheep which are one and the same.)

To sum up the scenario that is being relayed to us in this prophecy, we have the Fig Tree (Planet Niburu/Nibiru/Habiru) putting forth the Leaves (Spheres/Wheels Within Wheels/Orbs) which send back information to the Tree, so it can Harvest, Reap and Shear the sheep/fruit/figs. (If you want to know exactly how this 'shearing' will occur and what the 'hair' is that will be cut off, then please visit my Inner Circle to learn more by clicking here. You will not want to miss this and this is the only spot on the planet where you will find this information - I guarantee it!)

Now, one thing you should know, is that these ‘Spheres’ are also one-and-the-same as what is known as the ‘Abomination of Desolation’. The word for Abomination in Hebrew is Bdelugma. The Hebrew meaning is simply 'a foul or detestable thing which indicates the destruction of the temple', however, when broken down into the Sumerian, logograms of DE+LUG+MA, it means 'to escape the bad and to leave'. When placed in front of the word for Desolation which is 'Eramoses' in Hebrew, we get the real meaning of the purpose of these crafts: 'to escape the bad and to leave the desolation'. This desolation will be by fire, also, as I teach at the Inner Circle, just like the Bible tells us it did under shrouded language in Genesis chapter 1. We see further evidence for this in the fact that DE+LUG+MA also means 'ashes', just like the word for dust does (Heb. aphar) in that same chapter. Also understand that the 'temple' is simply a metaphor for the body, just as the design of Solomon's 'temple' tells us, along with many other references to the 'temple' throughout the ancient texts.

You should also know that, as another fulfillment of prophecy in the same chapter of Matthew, which foretells of the 'leaves', that representations of these orbs are already standing in the 'Holy' Place, among other places around the world

These golden ‘spheres within spheres’ were made by an Italian artist named ‘Arnoldo Pomodoro’ and there are 11 (eleven) of them in places around the world, including the U.N., The American Enterprise Building in Des Moines Iowa, Hakone Japan open air museum, Berkley University in California, Ministerie Van Volksgezondheid in the Netherlands, Museum of Modern art in Lugano Switzerland (3 at that location), Hirshborn, Smithsonian in Washington, DC, Trinity College Dublin and, last but not least, a little-known place called…The Vatican in Rome, which is the ‘Holy Place’ referred to in the prophecy. (‘Holy’ in the Greek is from ‘Hagos’, which simply means ‘an awful thing’ or ‘a place of religious reverence – it does not mean it is a place that glorifies the Creator.)

Now, let me speak to a couple of things. Firstly, we’ve been led to believe that the Abomination of Desolation is a bad thing. That is incorrect. These spheres were used by Elohiym, the actual Angels of the true Creator, to destroy that which was deemed 'bad'. Therefore, that which destroys bad things, we can consider 'good'. Secondly, the prophecy states that the Abomination of Desolation will be standing in the 'Holy Place', and therefore, Pastors have taken it to be an actual person, as stated before, like the anti-christ or the false prophet. The word ‘standing’, however, is the word ‘Hestame’ and simply means ‘to set up in the presence of others’ (See Strong’s concordance and Gesenius’ Lexicon etc.)   

If you do a search on Google Images for ‘Sphera a Sphera’ or ‘Wheel within a Wheel’ or ‘Vatican Orb’, you will see prophecy unfolding before your eyes, because it is ‘set up’ just like the Bible said it would be, outside of the Vatican in the open space for millions of people to see. But did you know that these ‘leaves’ or ‘wheels’ are actually being seen in the skies like never before, and being caught on film by people all across the world? To actually ‘see’ these ‘wheels’ in action, you can do a search on for ‘night vision ufo’ and have access to scores, if not hundreds of these orbs flying through the skies. But they do not just ‘fly’, as an airplane would, in a straight line only. Many people have caught them doing aerial maneuvers that are nothing short of amazing by our aviation standards. So, go to see yourself, and if you are so inclined, purchase a set of night vision binoculars to see them, first-hand. (And be sure to send me the footage!) (You can also view some of the best of these videos that have have been compiled at my Inner Circle by clicking here.)

As exciting as it is to finally understand the meaning of this prophetic parable, we must remember that when these things begin to happen, we are to make preparation for our safety. I do not believe that these ‘wheels’ will harm ‘God’s’ people, however, I DO believe that those who currently rule this earth, will. They have already begun to intentionally strike fear into the hearts of people with movies like ‘War of the Worlds’ (where ‘horns’ and ‘red rays’ are used by those portrayed as alien invaders…just like the Sumerian language says they will be!), and ‘Skyline’ (which shows people getting ‘harvested’ or ‘reaped’ in ‘nets’ (just like the Sumerian languages says they will be!) But, just as ‘Esu’ stated, ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free’.

The agenda of those who currently rule, is to create an environment of fear, and then, offer their own way of escape, which will simply be a quick trip to what they have referred to as ‘Social Distancing Camps’, which are nothing more than glorified concentration camps. (To find out more about this issue, a simple search on Google will provide ample information.)

There is no adequate church doctrine that will protect you and there is no pastor who understands how to prepare for the chaos that is quickly coming, and if you think there is, then I encourage you to read Jeremiah 2:8, 10:21, 12:10, 22:22, 23:1&2 and others, to see where following the pastors will lead you. History always repeats itself for those who do not know it and learn from it.

There is much more that I would like to share with you, including why these issues perfectly correlate with the recent deaths of millions of birds and fish in the United States and elsewhere, but time does not permit. I would, however, like to invite you to learn more in a very special environment that I have created for that purpose.

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I want you to know that I take the exegesis that I do very seriously and usually spend at least 8 to 12 hours or more nearly every day to uncover these things that have been intentionally hidden from 'God's' people. I do not say that to impress you, but to impress ‘upon’ you the fact that the information I am sharing with you is of the highest quality and is insight that you will find nowhere else.

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I appreciate you taking the time to read this website and I truly hope it has been a blessing to you and that you have found it helpful. Most importantly, however, I hope that it has helped you draw closer to the Father, providing you with a sense of peace, knowing that He is in control and will cross all barriers to be with His children.

We live in very perilous times, but the Father is aware of everything that is going on, including that thing, whatever it may be, that you might think he would never even care about. He loves you!  

Until next time, be blessed and be prepared by knowing the Truth that will set you free!

Dr. Scott McQuate, Author, Researcher, Exegete

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