The Parable of The
Fig Tree Explained...

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Dr. Scott D. McQuate                                                                                                                                                                                           

The Figs

‘Esu’ states that when the Fig Tree begins putting forth leaves ‘Summer is nigh’. The phrase Fig Tree is translated Suke in the Greek and simply means, Fig Tree. Of course, this is not to be taken literally, because Fig Trees have put forth their leaves for thousands of years without being a fulfillment of prophecy. So, what then, does this Fig Tree symbolize?  


There are 2 different words forFig in the New Testament. The first word is ‘Olenthos’, which means anunripe fig. When we use the logograms of the Sumerian language to break down this word, ‘Olenthos’, we get the logograms ‘Ul’ + ‘In’ + ‘Tus’, which carry the meaning of ‘Offensive Stars that were cast out’ or 'exorcised'. When we realize that the word ‘Stars’ (as in Revelation chapter 12, verse 2), literally means ‘Angels’, then it becomes clear that these ‘Olenthos’ are a reference to the ‘rebellious Angels’ that were ‘cast out’ of heaven. This is why ‘Esu’ cursed one Fig tree in Mark 11:13. 


The other word for fig in the Greek is ‘Sukon’ and is the word used to describe a ‘ripe’ fig. These figs are metaphors for the ‘good’ angels, whose 'first estate’ or 'location' was actually taken from them, and who will return with the Messiah to destroy the wicked, once again, with fire (Matthew 13). But this is only a small piece of the whole elucidating story. When we break down the word ‘Sukon’ into the logograms of the Sumerian, we also find clues that point us to a very special cord in the Bible which is inextricably linked to the Fig Tree.

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The Parable Of The Fig Tree Explained By Dr. Scott McQuate